Ruby and Python, both are fast and powerful. Both languages are highly appreciated in the programming communities. What sets them apart, what makes a developer choose one over the other, is going to be our topic for the day!

Let’s talk about the similarities first!

Ruby and Python are both server-side scripting languages, with their focus…

For each one of us who’s been waiting for the release of the all-new and neat and clean version of Rails 5.1, the wait is over. The new version of Rails 5.1 easily accepts the SPA (Single Page Application) and it also represents a genuine up-gradation in terms of performance…

With the world of IT constantly spawning new and innovative web development technologies, what makes Ruby on Rails still relevant and popular? The answer to this question majorly lies in all the efficiency Rails adds to a project, that leads to establishing productivity and profitability for your web application/software development…

Git is an open-source version control system and a command-line tool, it is used by programmers, developers, and designers to store projects and keep track of changes to their files. is a website where developers can store their projects. Some basic git command is mentioned below:

git clone /path/to/repository


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