Tech-Stack Migration to Modern Framework.

Tech Stack migration from existing outdated framework to a modern framework requires a massive consideration on several key aspects like digital transformation, Cost Impacts, understanding the associated risks of your current landscapes, and a mitigation plan to overcome those challenges

For instance, on one side migrating to a modern framework and on the other how the modern framework can be leveraged to the in-house applications, how do we eliminate the cost by best utilizing the reusable components, data security & protection, baselining the performance, customer engagement plans, forecast, future expansion are also some of the critical aspects to consider.


  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • More Efficient
  • Higher Performance
  • Scalability
  • Reliable
  • Easy Adoption to changes
  • Data Protection & Security

How close is your tech-stack aligned to your Business Vision?

Choosing the technology that is closely aligned to your long-term business vision is also a key to Project’s success and each tech-stack has its own pros & limitations.

Let’s say your business is on the retail domain are the ways how the customer engagement happens and how the strategy is put forward to keep the customer engaged to your products, retention policies, loyalty..etc

Modern-Front-End Framework alone would not solve everything:

Building a modern front- end tech stack will probably resolve only the look & feel of your product. But when it comes to customer journey & user experience across your platform requires a strong back-end that not only helps to improve the performance but also gives us a solid path to rebuilding the architecture as and when there is an enhancement which requires changes on the architectural level.

When it comes to consistency the platform should be stable & reliable & stable enough to support & adopt any changes on the tech-front as the technology is constantly changing.

At RailsCarma we are having a strong exposure to the industry over the decades, this becomes naturally easier for us to recommend the tech-stack that is most suitable to your business. We also have the domain-specific experts to understand your current platform and provide valuable insights & work along with the customers.

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